What We Do


Licensed Building Automation Contractor

Advanced Control Solutions is a licensed Honeywell, Tridium, Teletrol and Johnson building automation contractor that requires our experts to keep up with the latest hardware and software technology to develop cutting edge solutions for your facility, where others fall short.

Our projects include State-of-the-Art electronic control equipment, designed and installed to control, monitor and optimize the various functions and services provided in a building, including HVAC, lighting, door access and more.   Additionally, we have been very successful in working with utility companies to apply for, and secure rebates and incentives directly to the client on many of our projects.

Remote Problem Diagnose

Information is exchanged through a PC-based system in our office, linked via the Internet, to field mounted controllers, enabling us to monitor and make adjustments to specific units or zones, track system performance, and verify occupant comfort or discomfort right from our office.  This information system makes it possible for us to diagnose any problem remotely. 


Broad Spectrum of Controls

We are unique in many regards because of the diversity of systems we develop.  ACS utilizes a broad spectrum of controls and control manufacturers to design and build a system that is the best solution. Advanced Control Solutions is certified by Honeywell, Novar, and Teletrol, and is a Trane Tracer-Summit-Tracker expert. Education and knowledge is essential in keeping up with our ever changing industry so we maintain a continuing training and education program for our programmers and technicians through both in-house and outside seminars by equipment manufacturers.