Project Profile #2


The Challenge:

  • This is a five-building campus consisting of a 750,000 square feet Bio-Med office building multi tenant multi zone H.V.A.C. each building has its own specific needs.
  • Building amenities include: Conference Room, Gym and Cafeteria
  • Integrate and upgrade 750,000 square foot office building with state-of-the-art Building Automation Controls
  • Phase and coordinate installation for this fast track project and tenant fit outs
  • Allow flexibility in the system to accommodate multiple tenants
  • Create a system with Web-Point Control Access for tenant and management access
  • Allow flexibility and expandability for future needs
  • Advanced Control Solutions was hired to specify the BAS system, we worked closely with the HVAC contractor and client to develop solutions and assist in the design for this project


The Solution:

  • Design a Teletrol system with the web based control system
  • Update existing controls with no interruption of services
  • Design a single point of entry Web-Point Control System for tenants and management
  • Design and interface to  control the boiler plant and related pumps serving the perimeter Fan Powered Mixing Boxes


Project Summary:

Location:                                Westchester, New York

Project Type:                          Renovation

Building Size:                          750,000 sq.ft.

Building Usage:                      Multi-tenant office environment

Objectives:                             User-friendly system, decrease maintenance and energy use, Owner
                                                 and tenant comfort, Tenant Web-Point Control

Design Considerations:         Web-Point Control Access 

Major Decision Drivers:         Interoperability, flexibility, expandability

HVAC Controls:                      Teletrol E Building Control System

Installation:                            In progress

Controls Contractor:             Advanced Control Solutions