Demand Control Ventilation

Balancing Fresh Air Intake To Help Your Business Save Energy Fresh air in buildings is essential to the health and comfort of occupants. But bringing in hot humid and or cold air to ensure adequate indoor air quality doesn’t have to be such a drain on your company’s bottom line. There’s a more efficient and affordable way to meet fresh air requirements in your building and lower your energy costs.

Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) adjusts ventilation rates based on actual occupancy at any given time instead of at a fixed rate for full occupancy. DCV sensors monitor carbon dioxide levels to determine how many people are inside, which in turn signals the HVAC system to adjust the amount of outside air brought into the building on a per person basis.

How your business can benefit

DCV can be added to an existing HVAC system or a new system where it is easier and less expensive to
implement these are the advantages:

  • Reduced energy usage
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Ensures proper indoor air quality
  • The local utility company may pay incentives to help offset cost